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Chaturbate: Just search #german for the German sex cam selection.

German Sex Cam Guide: The Best Erotik Cams

Welcome to our German Sex Cam Guide!

Are you looking for the best German live sex cams? How about some hot adult streams of German cam girls masturbating or having full sex live for your pleasure?

If that sounds like your kind of thing, we’ve collected together a handful of the best cam sites which are known to have large numbers of German performers.

We should point out: these sites are international in flavour.

While they have plenty of German cam girls, they also have ladies (and men and trans performers) from countries all over the world.

We’ll do our best to point you in the right direction…

German Sex Cams: A Guide to the Best Erotik Webcams

So, what are the cam sites you should be checking out?

Here’s our selection of the best:

Bonga Cams

Bonga Cams DE: 350+ live German sex cams

Bonga Cams DE: 350+ live German sex cams

Bonga Cams is arguably the premier European cam site and it has a large contingent of German cam girls ready and willing to get naked.

As you can see from our screenie above, there were over 350 girls available when we visited during late afternoon hours Germany time. You can expect many more to join later in the evening.

From these girls you will find a variety of performances featuring everything from anal games (a crowd pleaser) to toy play, to full sex.

BongaCams charges users in Euros and it costs anywhere from €1-4 per minute to watch their live private cam shows. There is a ‘spy’ move available to save money.

In this case you can watch a German cam girl perform for another paying customer, just without the privilege of being able to direct her. This is still very sexy viewing.

The Bonga girls know exactly how to please. You’ll find blondes, brunettes, redheads and girls to cover just about most tastes.

>> Click here to watch live shows on BongaCams.


Chaturbate: Just search #german for the German sex cam selection.

Chaturbate: Just search #german for the German sex cam selection.

Chaturbate is the most famous adult cam site in the world, fusing together chat and masturbation as the name implies.

So, here’s the deal…

Tipping is the name of the game on Chaturbate.

Many cam girls are willing to get naked and carry out suggestions without requiring a private show to get the party started. The reason they do this is because Chaturbate operates on a group tipping policy whereby lots of users ‘tip’ a few tokens here or there to crowdfund the show.

And together, it adds up to a lot of money.

Often a cam girl will set a token target that, once reached, will unlock a live performance which you really won’t want to miss.

Another unique factor of Chaturbate is that the cam girls can see exactly who has tokens to spend — and who is ‘broke’.

So if you have zero tokens to your name, you can expect the cold shoulder. Or certainly not as much attention as she’s willing to give to the guy toting a bag full of tokens…

And whatever he suggests…

So, how do you find German sex cams on Chaturbate?

Simple, you use the #german search tag.

This will uncover all of the live shows featuring German performers at any given time.

You probably won’t find yourself resorting to this since there are THOUSANDS of cams broadcasting all numbers of weird shit from the second you reach the homepage.

Grab yourself some tokens, some popcorn, some vaseline and lock the door. Chaturbate is seriously addictive!

>> Click here to watch live shows on Chaturbate.

Cam4 German Cams

Cam4 usually has around 100+ live German cams at any given time.

Unlike the other sites in this list, the action on Cam4 is largely divided between females and males.

If you are looking for gay German cams, then Cam4 has plenty of options. All of which is easy to access via the simple interface.

The site is broken down in to female cams, male cams, couple cams, and trans cams.

If you want to drill down, you can search additionally by the broadcaster’s orientation, body type, hair colour, ethnicity and location.

Cam4 is also investing heavily in virtual reality technology that will soon bring you sexy live German cams viewable using Samsung Gear, Google Cardboard and other major VR headsets.

You can catch a few previews on the site already if you have this gear available!

>> Click here to watch live shows on Cam4.

LiveJasmin Deutsch Cams

Live Erotik Cams on LiveJasmin

Live Erotik Cams on LiveJasmin

The final suggestion of our Big 4, LiveJasmin is a gigantic live adult cams portal that you are probably familiar with from its pop-up that appears on, oh, every single porn tube on the web?

It feels like it!

Now, if you join LiveJasmin expecting to find thousands of free shows — like Chaturbate — then you’ll be a little disappointed.

Most of the action is only viewable by taking a model private, which in turn will cost you tokens. Token packages start at around $45 for a decent session.

The flipside to this arrangement is that the models on LiveJasmin are generally much more ‘professional’.

They are more akin to porn stars or escorts than a bored girl in her bedroom earning a few pennies (or many!).

We found several German cam girls on our adventures, and a few male performers if that’s your thing.

You know what you’re going to get with LiveJasmin.

High quality dirty dirrrty make-yo-momma-blush adult webcams.

It’s not as cheap as Chaturbate, but it’s a better option for those who are seeking a private show where they can call the shots and have the full attention of the performer.

>> Click here to watch live shows on LiveJasmin.

Are there any other German sex cam sites you’d recommend adding to this list?

Hit us up with your best suggestions in the comments below.

Artemis Berlin entrance

Artemis Berlin: A Day Inside The Famous FKK Club

Located on Halenseestrasse 32-36, you will find a towering white building that looks like a cross between a storage warehouse and a communist hotel. This is Club Artemis Berlin; one of the most famous brothels in the world.

You certainly wouldn’t link it to the beating heart of Germany’s sex industry if you had never ventured inside. But once you do, something incredible happens.

The industrial sprawl of Charlottenburg disappears and we travel back 40 years to the 1970s.

Spiegel once memorably described the Artemis Berlin interior as a bizarre cross “between mid-re 1990s Las Vegas and a cheesy British ‘Carry-On’ film”.

Boy, were they on the money!

What’s Inside Artemis Berlin?

The Artemis FKK Club is set across four floors and littered with ornate statues of the Greek and Roman variety. The walls are garish, in-your-face and covered in decals that time forgot.

Note: If you’re not sure what to expect inside an FKK Club, check our handy guide.

You could describe the place as lavish, in the same way that some clubs make for nice scenery… for a few hours — not for living in for the rest of your life.

Of course, there are many women who do call Artemis Berlin a second home.

Many of the sex workers in Artemis are not actually from Berlin, or Germany for that matter. There is a strong presence from Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic.

Upstairs from the main brothel you will find over 40 rooms that the prostitutes can use to rest in overnight. Many of them come from out of town. Others are playing a long-stay game of earning enough in the day to cover the ‘rent’ of crashing in Artemis.

“A woman will have some kind of sex with maybe five, seven, three men a night, whatever they please”, according to the FKK club’s Geschäftsführer. That’s German for Mr. Manager.

While Artemis is a brothel, it doesn’t accept the classic house payments that you would associate with this type of adult facility. Instead it is modelled on a day spa.

Everybody pays to access the facilities.

But only the escorts stand a chance of leaving the place richer.

Want a free tour of what’s inside?

Check out this video clip, published by Artemis, that shows what you can expect at the venue, as well as some interesting footage of what goes on behind the scenes.

Note for our international readers: It’s in German. Sorry but there are no subtitles.

The Club Artemis Price List

If you want a day pass at the Artemis Brothel, you must pay the entrance fee of €80.

Note: Sundays and Mondays are half-price for seniors.

This entrance fee applies both to clients, escorts and anybody who wants to use the facilities.

How much does sex cost at Artemis?

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Full sex and room: €60 for 30 mins
  • CIM (cum in mouth) extra: €50
  • Anal sex extra: €100

So, while it’s possible to enjoy 30 minutes of sex with a Euro beauty for just €60, that quickly rises to €210 if you throw in some anal pleasure and CIM.

On top of the €80 entrance fee.

Still, that’s pretty reasonable.

It’s roughly on par with what you’d expect to pay at the top brothels in Australia and New Zealand, where prostitution is also legalised and regulated. Albeit nowhere near as cheap as Amsterdam’s ‘factory-line’ service (€50 for 15 mins).

The main difference with Artemis Berlin, and other popular German FKK clubs, is that you are paying for an entire day experience as part of admission.

Most punters who frequent Artemis stay for more than one round of sex. In fact, they will often stay for several hours.

It is considered the adult entertainment variety of a spa retreat.

You get laid, relax, unwind, grab a drink at the bar, grab some free food (it’s part of the entrance fee), and then cruise the huge facilities for your next catch.

Facilities at Artemis Berlin

How about those facilities?

We’re not sure how to describe this place. Let’s try a 1970s hotel slash strip club fused with the modern day amenities of a spa. Surrounded by an ocean of sex and solicitation.

If you are cooling down from a previous ‘casual encounter’, you can enjoy the on-site pool. Or any one of three saunas.

The pool inside the FKK club

The pool, by day, at Artemis FKK Club

If you need to sit back and unwind, Artemis has two private cinemas — although we imagine the types of movies being shown could make Emmanuelle blush.

Everything about the brothel is designed to trap you in a day-long ‘sextravaganza’. So, naturally, that includes good catering.

Artemis runs two separate buffets:

  • Late Breakfast buffet, from 11am to 3pm.
  • Evening buffet, from 6pm to 2am.

Drinks are provided free of charge, but if you wish to purchase alcohol, you’ll have to pay the rather steep price of €10 per beer.

That’s effectively one sixth of a sexual conquest, so be sure to drink responsibly!

The Rooms at FKK Artemis

If you’ve successfully approached a lady inside the brothel and have agreed to retreat to one of the venue’s many sex dens, what can you expect inside?

Well, that depends on what type of themed room you end up in.

As you will have noticed within about 7 seconds, the interior design at Artemis changes from room-to-room.

It’s unpredictable; an LSD attack on the senses.

Wallpaper marks some rooms as tents in a desert, whilst others are set on the ‘seaside’ complete with dreamy oceans and sand. Not real sand, of course! Many rooms are trippy mixes of red and gold with upholstery that we guess might have looked respectable to a blind man in the seventies.

These days, it looks as it is. A little tacky. Like the interior of an overdressed brothel on an industrial strip of Berlin.


The beds are firm and foamy with little give.

Most are covered in dark blue polyester sheets and made to look homely with a couple of token pillows and cushions.

The first thing you will notice before getting down to the act is paper towels. Hundreds of them. A seemingly never-ending supply of kitchen roll has been deposited in to each room to assist, we presume, with the clean-up act.

An appreciated gesture, no doubt, but if you’re here for the day… you’ll probably still want to make use of the expansive shower facilities downstairs.

There are also a few VIP suites that provide some extra comfort.

Lavish red VIP suite inside the brothel

A lavish red VIP suite inside the brothel

No Women Allowed… Except for Escorts and Staff

Note that if you are female, but not a cleaner, a staff member or an escort, you won’t be allowed to access Artemis Berlin.

While the PC-brigade might scream “Bloody murder!” at this restriction, it’s pretty easy to see why the rule is there.

As per the norm at Germany’s FKK clubs, women are expected to wear nothing. Some might settle for just a pair of heels. But barring the special Lingerie Day on Wednesdays, that’s about it.

Likewise, being a brothel, most of the women are going to face a steady slew of offers for hanky panky. Whether it be oral, full sex, or one of the many special ‘extras’ that men are by no means afraid to ask for having gotten through the preliminary routine of “Hello, what’s your name?”.

Artemis Berlin is a gentlemen’s playground, and if we ignore a few predictable complaints, I think most of us can agree that this is a good thing for both the men who go there and the women that work there.

Sorry ladies!

Important Information: What You Need To Know

Club Artemis is open 361 days a year.

The only days it closes are:

  • December 24th
  • December 25th
  • December 31st
  • January 1st

The brothel is open from 11am to 5am all other days, except for December 26th and January 2nd when it opens at 6pm.

Where is Artemis Berlin?

The full address is: Halenseestraße 32-36, 10711 Berlin, Germany

Here’s a useful map via Google:

Looking for Artemis alternatives and other FKK clubs in Berlin?

Check out our useful guide to the top Berlin brothels.

Have you been to FKK Artemis Berlin? What did you think of this mega-brothel?

Is it worthy of the reputation — or was it a let down compared to some of Germany’s other sauna clubs?

We’d love to hear your experiences and reviews; the good, the bad and the ugly.

Video: U-Bahn Sex at 6:30am

So, you’re looking for some casual sex in Berlin.

You get lucky, but the clubs are closed and it’s a long way to home.

What are you going to do with your lady accomplice?

Hey, why not just get down and dirty on the U-Bahn?

U-Bahn Sex video

U-Bahn Sex Video: An infamous clip from the U-Bahn sex video tape.

Sex on the U-Bahn

Yep, that really did happen.

What follows is the incredible 9-second clip of two seemingly very distracted commuters having sex on the U-Bahn… at 6:30 in the morning.

Click to view the video (18+).

The young couple even had the tenacity to raise the finger to their shellshocked audience!

The incident was said to have occurred at Schönleinstraße Underground Station (District Neukölln) on a busy Tuesday morning.

No action was taken against the couple as nobody reported it to the police.

A lucky escape.

Albeit one that has been viewed over 780,000 times in 18 months on LiveLeak.

Disclaimer: We would never recommend sex on the U-Bahn, especially in rush hour, but we are just a little bit impressed with the ballsiness of it all.

Have you seen anything similar on your U-Bahn travels?

Is Berlin public sex on the rise?!

Berlin's Kit Kat Club

KitKatClub Berlin: Inside the Hedonists’ Playground

The Berlin KitKatClub has a reputation that stretches across Europe as one of the top adult party destinations in Germany.

This club is known for its popular techno and trance music, its ability to attract top DJs, and perhaps more widely — for some of the most sexually uninhibited parties on the planet.

It famously allows sex on its premises.

22 Years of Sex, Dance and Trance

KitKatClub was first opened in 1994 by the Austrian porn filmmaker Simon Thaur, and his partner Kirsten Krüger.

It has moved four times over the years, firstly from Glogauer Straße to Neues Schauspielhaus at Nollendorfplatz (one of Germany’s top nightlife districts). Then to Schöneberg in Bessemer Straße, and finally on to the Mitte district.

The club is now located at Köpenicker Str. 76, 10179, Berlin.

It is close to rival clubbing behemoths Tresor and Berghain, making this part of Berlin one of the hottest electronic clubbing destinations in Europe.

The History of Berlin’s Most Famous Adult Club

Berlin's Kit Kat Club

Are you ready for the thrills inside Berlin’s infamous Kit Kat Club?

The name Kit Kat Club originates far back in the 18th century when it referred to a liberal political society in old England.

Kit Kat Club was also the name of the scandalous Berlin nightclub featured in the American musical, Cabaret. Here it was depicted as a burlesque theatre of the 1930s, a frivolous venue at odds with the rise to power of the Nazi party.

Since opening its doors, KitKatClub (known simply as ‘Kitty’ by regulars and locals) has developed a reputation as one of the premier adult clubs in Europe.

It is known for its explicit casual encounters, with full sex allowed at the venue (although not quite as openly practiced as it once was).

Revellers from all over Europe flock here to absorb the intoxicating combination of pounding dance music, fancy costumes — or lack thereof — and the friendly, liberal, international crowd.

Who Goes to the KitKatClub?

The club is open to all genders, preferences and tastes.

The typical clientele is a mix of straight and gay dance music fans, across all the ages; but mostly under 40.

Many young tourists come here to sample one of Berlin’s most infamous institutions.

The club is also popular with sex tourists and those who are intrigued by the various fetishes and fantasies being promoted on any given theme night.

CarneBall Bizarre

KitKatClub holds the weekly CarneBall Bizarre every Saturday.

This is a notorious party where the club comes to life with wave after wave of techno and trance music. The club gets incredibly busy; it’s packed, sweaty and you never really know what — or who — you’re going to bump in to next.

The CarneBall Bizarre is known for merging a number of different dress themes in to a party that could best be described as “Anything goes“.

Here’s an upcoming listing to give you an idea:

CarneBall Bizarre – KitKatClubnacht

  • Line up: Maringo, Jordan, Myti, Flash
  • Style: Elektrotechno, NuTrance, Progressive
  • Special: Chill out area, Outdoor area, separate playrooms, u.v.m.
  • Dresscode: Fetish, Lack & Leder, Sack & Asche, Uniforms, TV, Goth, Kostüme, elegante Abendgarderobe, Glitzer & Glamour, Extravagantes jeder Art!

The KitKatClub has three dancefloors and an outdoor area that will all be found heaving on Saturday nights. Fetish-wear, nurse uniforms, bondage gear, TV celebrity fantasies…

Seriously, you have to see it to believe it.

CarneBall lasts long in to the morning, before the afterhour ‘Piep Show’ takes over on Sunday.

Music and Theme Nights

Besides the weekly staple of CarneBall, KitKatClub has a number of themed nights that you should definitely check before attending the club.

Why is it a good idea to check?

Because let’s face it: some fetishes are not for everybody.

If you’re expecting jovial uniforms and friendly banter, but you turn up to BDSM night with chains at the ready — well, you get the idea!

KitKatClub holds such a diverse mix of events that you should really check ahead and ensure you like the sound of what you’re getting in to.

Fridays tend to be a closer and more intimate experience. This is when KitKatClub teams up with various scene activists to promote unique gatherings.

There is also Electric Monday to watch out for. There’s no special dress code here, just a selection of deep house, techno and electro music. A pulsating start to the week, indeed.

When Is KitKatClub Open?

KitKatClub is open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

It may be open on other dates too.

You can check their calendar of upcoming events to stay on top of what’s hot at Kitty.

The KitKatClub Dress Code

“Do I have to dress up for the KitKatClub?”

You’ll certainly feel more at ease if you do.

The club is known for its strict dress code policy, although some events are more lenient.

Check their calendar for full details of upcoming events, including what revellers are expected to wear.

If the event states a strict dress code, then you’re best to follow it or you probably won’t get in.

KitKatClub on Suitable Attire:

The eye prefers a flamboyant, styled and colourful crowd in favour of the ordinary ‘jeans and tshirt’ look. So, in general, dresscode means: NOT your average everyday life clothing!

In order words… this is not the sort of club you turn up to after work in your pinstripes.

Co-founder Kirsten has been known to patrol the door ensuring that the club’s standards are met — so get creative or stay at home!

Have you been to the KitKatClub? What did you think?

If you have any recommendations for adult clubs in Berlin, we’d love to hear them.

FKK Germany: What to Expect at a Sauna Club

We’ve see much confusion over what to expect from a German FKK club; particularly in tourists and businessmen travelling from overseas.

Much of this confusion comes from the association to Freikörperkultur.

Freikörperkultur (FKK) is a German movement whose name translates to Free Body Culture. It endorses a naturistic approach to sports and community living.
Source: Wikipedia

If you turn up to a FKK sauna club in Germany expecting sports and community living, you could be in for a surprise.

Artemis Germany FKK Club

Artemis (outside), a popular German FKK Sauna Club based in Berlin

The reality is that most FKK saunas are popular for the sexual encounters that are extremely likely to happen there.

Why so likely?

Because that’s exactly what they are designed for.

Take the huge Berlin FKK club, Artemis. This is arguably Germany’s most popular nude sauna club, and it was built at great expense costing a whooping €5 million before it opened in 2005.

Artemis is one of many similar FKK clubs that have taken the German sex industry by storm since it was effectively legalised in 2002.

Why are they so popular?

The appeal of an FKK Sauna Club is the theme of adult relaxation, casual encounters, and the chance to meet many different women — most of whom are working in the venue, and scantily clad in lingerie, or completely nude.

While these clubs are famous for the amount of sex that happens inside, the main areas are well lit to avoid the impression of a seedy nightclub.

It’s adult fun, yes… in a classy kind of way.

How Much Do FKK Sauna Clubs Cost?

This depends on:

  • The club entrance fee (often 80 EUR plus)
  • Any sexual services you pay for (again 80 EUR plus for sex)
  • The cost of your drinks (expensive, often 10 EUR per beer)
  • How much it costs to get there — many FKK enthusiasts will travel from far to visit a top sauna club.

The answer you’re probably looking for is, clearly, that it’s not cheap.

Berlin has brothels and even some outcall escorts that will cost you less for the service of full sex.

But then, this misses the point of why FKK sauna clubs are so popular.

They are an experience, and many visitors stay for several hours at a time.

Encounters are spontaneous, exciting, unexpected and much more relaxed than those you will have in a brothel environment.

You aren’t just paying for sex. You are paying for the pool, the masseuse, the sauna rooms, the cinemas and the lavish bars.

The best way to think of Germany’s FKK clubs is as spa days for horny adults looking to indulge themselves sexually.

Tips for Visiting a FKK Sauna Club

There are some things you should do, and some things you absolutely shouldn’t do.

This can be intimidating to somebody who has never been to a FKK Club, so let’s start with the basics:

Things to remember:

  • Don’t rush! — The clubs are designed for lengthy visits, so that you can recover and enjoy more than one session. Take your time.
  • Use the safe — These are provided by all FKK clubs worth their salt. Tuck away any valuable belongings before you enter.
  • (Un)dress appropriately — Traditional FKK dress code involves the women being naked and men wearing only towels. That’s pretty much what you can expect, except some of the women may be in lingerie (or just heels…).
  • Don’t assume your business with a lady is the club’s business — It’s not. You pay for entrance, and drinks. Anything that goes on between you and the ladies you encounter is a private affair.
  • Practice safe sex — Sex in sauna clubs is covered (with condom), but oral can be uncovered.
  • Men approach women — This is the standard. In some clubs it is forbidden for women to approach men.
  • No loutish behaviour — This goes without saying. Pushy, loud and rude characters are not tolerated in a sauna club.
  • Have an idea of the price list — Prostitutes and escorts are allowed to work in sauna clubs, but they are expected to adhere to established price lists. Knowing these prices will save you getting scalped with an overly expensive session.

Note: Be careful with your drink orders. In some clubs girls are paid up to 25% of what you buy at the bar, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that she’s got her eyes on the Champagne. Another thing to remember is that in most clubs, women also have to pay the entrance fee.

(Unlike men, they are likely to earn it back!)

The Best FKK Clubs in Germany

This is a matter of personal taste.

Artemis is the most famous FKK Club in Berlin, and generally seen as the best. Compared to other German cities, Berlin is not known for its sauna clubs. It does have a wide selection of brothels, however.

The largest FKK club in terms of pure size is FKK World. The entire complex covers 50,000 square meters, including a nudist outdoor area with 25,000 square meters. It also has an outdoor pool, BBQ area, beach volleyball court, sauna and many retreats scattered in the countryside or in various wooden huts.

Trust us, this place is huge!

In terms of number of women working at any given time, FKK Oase takes that award. On some days you’ll find as many 150 ladies working there.

Looking For Something Different?

Berlin has a variety of adult entertainment options, including various swinger clubs, brothels, strip clubs and erotic massage parlours.

For those of you who want to get your rocks off without leaving the house/hotel, then there are several online sex show options.

Sites like Chaturbate and Bonga Cams allow you to pay for private cam shows for a fraction of the price of a GFE/PSE. These can be good options for amateur thrills…

Have you been to one of Germany’s famous FKK clubs?

Let us know if you have a favourite.

Welcome to

Welcome to the brand new relaunched Berlin Brothels website.

We’re grateful you stopped by!

Here’s a quick rundown of what you can expect to find on our site…

In case you didn’t get the memo in the title… 😉

Berlin sunset

Berlin… before the evening entertainment!

Complete Listings of Berlin’s Adult Services

As part of the Red Light Network, our objective is to provide the most comprehensive English-language directory of adult services in Berlin (and the immediately surrounding neighbourhoods).

Here you will find:

The best Berlin brothels — We’re slowly compiling a list of every brothel in Berlin, including those that you probably already know. Like the gigantic FKK Artemis. But also the smaller brothels hidden on streets that aren’t as well publicised.

The best Berlin escorts (and agencies) — If you don’t want to visit a brothel, the next easiest way to get laid in Berlin is to call out one of the city’s many escorts. These range, as you’d imagine, from the good to the bad to the ugly to the absolutely stunning. We’ve handpicked the escort agencies that focus strictly on the latter.

The best Berlin strip clubs — Maybe you don’t want to chase after sex, but you do want to enjoy a night out with friends and some eye candy for company. Or perhaps you’ve got a bachelor/stag party to organize (good choice on Berlin!). This city has a few great strip clubs and we’ve rounded up the best of the bunch.

Any other Berlin adult services — From saunas, to gentlemen’s clubs, to Berlin classifieds (personals sites)… we’ll cover it all.

Besides our adult services listings, this blog will feature a number of great guides to sex in the Berlin region.

We’ll have some stories, reviews of the top services, and lots of tips to help you get the most out of Germany’s rapidly expanding sex industry.

Hey, they don’t call Germany the ‘Bordello of Europe’ for nothing!

Take a look around the site, feel free to get in touch if we’ve missed anything.

Thanks for visiting.

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