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The Berlin Swingers and Gangbang Guide

The 5 Best Swinger Clubs in Berlin

Germany is widely acknowledged to be the spiritual home and founding birthplace of modern swinging. Well, we can tell you: the swinger communities here are alive and well.

Berlin is a particular hotspot for swingers and there are plenty of private house parties and clubs which run regular events.

If you are looking to swing in Berlin — whether it be a public orgy, gangbang party or group sex — then we’ve pulled together a guide to the best five swinger clubs in Berlin.

Don’t miss the action at these venues below!

A Guide to the Best Swinger Clubs in Berlin

The Berlin Swingers and Gangbang Guide

The Berlin Swingers and Gangbang Guide

These venues are home to all kinds of swinger events; from wifeswapping, gangbang parties, to cuckolding, bukkake, and just about every sex party theme you can imagine.

If you want to get your kink on, be sure to check them out.

Club Culture Houze

Görlitzer Str. 71, 10997 Berlin

The Club Culture House caters for all groups of swingers including gay, fetish, bi and kinky.

They run regular events which change throughout the year from Fist Factory Fridays.

Swing in Berlin at the Club Culture Houze: one of the top sex party spots.

Swing in Berlin at the Club Culture Houze: one of Germany’s best sex parties.

The venue is arranged over two floors and features several play areas and relaxed bar. Background music is piped throughout and is usually electronic or house. There is a cinema on site which makes for a very popular play room. The club is equipped with condoms, lubricants and sex toys in addition to the whips, ropes and swings available in their BDSM areas.

Club Culture has become known as somewhat of a paradise for Berlin swingers.

Avarus Berlin

Seestraße 50, 13347 Berlin

Catering for those with less ‘clubby’ style tastes, Avarus has a more grown-up ambience.

With red and black leather seating, erotic ambient lighting and modern play equipment, Avarus has an upmarket vibe.

They run regular events that are slightly quirky such as the Young Scientists night – a practical study in the field of research or Chocolate Sunday – an experimentation with liquid chocolate on the naked body. There is a jacuzzi, steam bath and sauna as well as plenty of play areas to explore the other guests.

Prices vary depending on the night with discounts being available with reservations or being an early bird (arriving in the first hour of opening):

Day Hours Couples Single Men Single Women
Monday 7pm-2am €70 €80 €20
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday 7pm-2am €50 €80 €15
Thursday 8pm-2am €60 n/a €60
Friday 8pm-4am €90 €100 €20
Saturday 8pm-4am €90 n/a €20
Sunday 7pm-2am €70 €80 €20

Insomnia Berlin

Alt-Tempelhof 17-19, 12099 Berlin

Asking its guests to be libidinous, Club Insomnia is situated south of the city in the Tempelhof district.

Known as a hedonistic hotspot for swingers, party animals and the curious libertines, Insomnia attracts a diverse range of guests.

Dressing up and being in costume is de rigueur and you can expect anything from fetish wear to kinky lingerie on display. The LGBT community are also active at the club.

Events run throughout the week from specific fetish nights to swingers parties during the week.

Sundays tend to be the dedicated night for swinging but do check the website for details of the current calendar. Entrance is from 7pm to 2am. Prices are €45 for a couple, €80 for single men and single ladies are free. Drinks are included within this cost with the exception of champagne and cocktails.

The club reminds guests that the Sunday night party is for active people looking for sex. In other words, no time wasters please!

Zwanglos III

Gneisenaustraße 10, 10961 Berlin

The oldest swingers club in Berlin, Zwanglos is situated just a 1km walk south of the Kreuzberg district, renowned for its trendy nightlife, bars, clubs and cafes. The club runs different events during the week with Sauna & Wellness nights on Tuesdays, gangbangs, orgies and cocktail nights. The weekends are usually an open party.

The atmosphere is erotic and open minded with a sauna and hot tub for the use of guests. Hot and cold buffet is included.

Prices vary depending upon the day and the time but include all drinks (except for cocktails and champagne):

Period Couples Single Men Single Women
Sunday to Thursday 6am to 8pm €35 €50 Free
Sunday to Thursday 8pm to 6am €35 €75 Free
Friday & Saturday 6am to 8pm €45 €50 Free
Friday & Saturday 8pm to 6am €45 €105 Free

Swingeroase Zwiespalt

Oberlandstraße 1, 12099 Berlin

Open 24 hours a day the self-styled cosy swingers club in the heart of Berlin runs themed nights every day of the week; from bi-curious events to mega gangbangs, erotic massage and naturist weekends. 

The club has plenty of playrooms both public and private as well as whirlpool and spa plus fetish and BDSM zones, dark rooms and party areas.

This popular club attracts plenty of local swingers to keep numbers up.

Day Couples Single Men Single Women
Monday €45 €60 Free
Tuesday €45 €60 Free
Wednesday €45 €70 Free
Thursday €45 €60 Free
Friday €60 €60-85 Free
Saturday €60 €89-99 Free
Sunday €45 €60 Free

There are discounts for Joyclub Premium members and ticket prices for special events can vary. Prices include buffet and all drinks (except Red Bull, cocktails and champagne).

Looking For Something Different?

Berlin has a variety of adult entertainment options, including various brothels, strip clubs and erotic massage parlours.

For those of you who want to get your rocks off without leaving the house/hotel, then there are several online sex show options.

Sites like Chaturbate and Bonga Cams allow you to pay for private cam shows for a fraction of the price of a GFE/PSE. These can be good options for amateur thrills…

Have you visited any of these famous Berlin swinger hot spots?

What is your favourite venue that you can recommend to our readers?

Let us know your thoughts and reviews in the comments below.

Video: U-Bahn Sex at 6:30am

So, you’re looking for some casual sex in Berlin.

You get lucky, but the clubs are closed and it’s a long way to home.

What are you going to do with your lady accomplice?

Hey, why not just get down and dirty on the U-Bahn?

U-Bahn Sex video

U-Bahn Sex Video: An infamous clip from the U-Bahn sex video tape.

Sex on the U-Bahn

Yep, that really did happen.

What follows is the incredible 9-second clip of two seemingly very distracted commuters having sex on the U-Bahn… at 6:30 in the morning.

Click to view the video (18+).

The young couple even had the tenacity to raise the finger to their shellshocked audience!

The incident was said to have occurred at Schönleinstraße Underground Station (District Neukölln) on a busy Tuesday morning.

No action was taken against the couple as nobody reported it to the police.

A lucky escape.

Albeit one that has been viewed over 780,000 times in 18 months on LiveLeak.

Disclaimer: We would never recommend sex on the U-Bahn, especially in rush hour, but we are just a little bit impressed with the ballsiness of it all.

Have you seen anything similar on your U-Bahn travels?

Is Berlin public sex on the rise?!

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